Why I Consult My “Manager,” and Why She Always Takes My Call

Theres me, Gretchen (now-Gretchen, want-Gretchen), and theres my manager.

Even writers on Psychology Today do this thing without calling it Tulpa.

Excerpt from chapter 3: Attitudes and Aptitudes.

"I’ve been forcing for several days now, and I can really see, feel and hear my tulpa Filicent. She is a beautiful being, and I’m even more excited now to get to know her! Why just last night in the wonderland, we created some hybrid roses that I could even smell!" Benji said proudly while standing, a chai tea in his hand. It had been just over a week that they all had started meeting up here, and this corner of the coffee shop was starting to feel more familiar. Corinne and her tulpa crew were considered regulars by now.

Here’s a bit. I’ve been trying to work on the story somewhat “regularly.” I’m one of those people that if I put off working on something it will never get done. So here’s this wee paragraph for now. I’ve got to get ready for work.

Development of Bambina, (Bina for short) Gabriella’s Tulpa.She takes the form of a little shadow girl who sometimes has angel wings like a cherub.

Development of Bambina, (Bina for short) Gabriella’s Tulpa.
She takes the form of a little shadow girl who sometimes has angel wings like a cherub.

Development art of the tulpa Billy McKiddleston.

Development art of the tulpa Billy McKiddleston.

The Human Characters of My Very Special, One of a Kind, Amazing and Magical, Little Tulpa.

Corinne (Cori) 22: Smart, sociable, funny, and dependable, this bird loving, fandom following, geeky, androgynous miss is all about staying current, clever, and diplomatic. She is a strong supporter of social and environmental justice who uses her tulpa Chicodee mainly for helping her with research. She is a college graduate with a major in journalism and a minor in psychology, who in her spare time enjoys making organic Mexican food and learning about different cultures, especially those of Ancient Tibet and the local urban trends. She is also into DIY crafts, and taking research-style notes on life for her blog. 

Fawn, 21: Fawn is intuitive, stylish, and glamorous. She loves vintage and retro fashion, deer, and indy-pop-dance music mixes. Some days she’s bright and colorful, other days she goes for a more natural look. With such a varied and eclectic taste, every time you see her is a surprise. Because of her versatile sense of fashion and body positivity, she has modeled for a few independent style magazines that circulate at her university. One day she hopes to be famous, but still keep in touch with close friends and family. Despite her apparent celebrity and tabloid savvy, she is actually fairly shy and introverted. She is also going to the same college as William, and the two hit it off from the very start.

William, 21: William is a young man with roots in the country and the more rural, southern parts of their state. He likes folk, americana, southern gothic, punkabilly, rockabilly, horrorbilly and alt-rock all together for a hearty musical experience. He is an avid reader of comic books, (but not as much manga as Benji) and a zombie movie enthusiast, from old classics such as Night of the Living Dead, to Modern action-romances such as Warm Bodies. He is carefree spirit with a knack for adventure and fun, and loves to put a smile on the faces of his friends. He hopes to start a band someday as the guitarist and maybe do back-up vocals too.

Benjamin (Benji the Brony,) 20: If there was ever a die-hard brony, otaku, and cosplay extraordinaire, Benjamin, or Benji as he is nicknamed would be that guy. He has seen all the episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and has even written some of his own stock of well renowned fan-fiction. He also has sizable collections of popular manga series and action figures. He even took a crash course in Japanese at his high school’s anime club, and hopes to visit Japan someday. Benjamin is single and looking for a girlfriend who shares his enthusiasm for life and all things sugoi, and maybe a bowl of ramen on a first date too. If he ever got married, Tokyo would be his first choice for the honeymoon.

Gabriella, 18: Angelic, compassionate, and highly sensitive, Gabriella, or “Riella” for short, is a recent high school graduate taking a year off from college to work, or at least find some work. She is smart, but hasn’t received any scholarships that she would need to pay for college next school year. She currently house sits for her neighbors with pets and also babysits the other neighborhood kids to earn extra money. She is still looking for another job, (even part time) at local businesses like the grocery store though to make ends meet. She loves children, games, rhymes and poetry, and is regarded by her community as a nurturing and reflective soul. She hopes to someday be a writer or public school teacher, or maybe even both. She values hard work and integrity, and often tries to see the kindness in others.

Synopsis of My (Very Special, One of a Kind, Amazing and Magical) Little Tulpa

It’s summer season once again, and five young adults find themselves involved in one of the hottest psychological exercises of the 21st Century: The creation of a Tulpa. Like an advanced version of an imaginary friend, the Tulpa is a creature created by pure mental effort, who can take any imaginable form, often to the result of a sentient being with access to its maker’s subconscious knowledge and motives, many of which possess strange and mystifying abilities. The soon-to-be “Tulpamancers” meet at a New Age internet cafe to get to know each other and their tulpas. Meeting regularly both online and outside, they monitor each other’s progress with curiosity and zeal. But before any of them realize it, tensions begin to rise as mismatched personalities and beliefs clash. As their tulpas become more real and opinionated, the five soon aren’t sure who to trust. With the summer well underway, these passionate and eager young people will have to come to an eventual truce before all wonderlands break loose. 

Constant possession


[We’ve been working on switching a lot lately, but the results we get have been pretty scarce and confusing. So, the solution we came up with is for me to possess at all times until we switch. Now, aside from this being a stupid, retarded idea and not likely working out, this will tire me to no  fucking end. But hey, there’s still a small chance that it works, that’s good enough for us.

But still, holy shit, this will be tiring.]

Sometimes people go exercising with their tulpas. It builds stamina.


I wish I had a source for this image…

Me too. It’s very nice.


I wish I had a source for this image…

Me too. It’s very nice.


who wants to talk about whitney, tulpas, and/or object heads

Who’s Whitney? Sounds sort of sophisticated.